Virtual Servers
CPU: 1 Core
RAM: 1.5 GB
PORT: 100 Mbit/s
Dedicated Servers
PORT: 1 Gbit/s
TRAFFIC: Unlimited
POWER: до 500W
IP: 10
Server Collocation
CPU: e3-1245 v6 / e5-1650 v4
RAM: 32GB / 64GB
SSD: 2x240GB / 2x500GB
PORT: 10 Gbit/s
Windows Virtual Servers
New offer for our clients - Virtual servers with Windows operational system

About the company

“FREEVDS” company has been working in the hosting services market since 2006. During the work we have accumulated sufficient experience and a material-technical basis for providing the highest quality hosting of servants, having outstripped most of our competitors. The client base of the company is continuously growing, our regular customers are individuals and legal entities from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Bulgaria and other countries.

Our main services are:  VDS servers provision, dedicated servers lease and placement, as well as data backup. The company’s specialists monitor changes in the services market, analyzing current trends in consumer demand. At this stage, our list of services meets all the basic needs of customers who own any complexity web projects.


Our advantages

  • Own professional data center in Latvia.
  • The most modern network equipment.
  • Constant monitoring of the system and timely warning of bursts of loads.
  • Simultaneously, low pings in the RF / CIS and Europe.
  • Wide channels and powerful dell using/ super micro servers.
  • Our services tariffs are as balanced as possible, its level is justified by the high service quality, the modern equipment use and the customers wishes.
  • There is a profitable affiliate system for future and existing customers has been developed, that will become a pleasant bonus for cooperation.
  • Thousands of users have already chosen “FREEVDS” as a reliable partner, we are sure, you will also appreciate the services provided to you and recommend our company to your friends.


Accepted Payment Methods