Small Medium Large Half Rack Full Rack
Size: 1U/2U 3U/4U 11U 22U 44U
PSU: under 500 W under 800 W under 1.5 kW under 2.5 kW under 3.5 kW
IP: 1 2 4 8 16
Port: 1 Gb/s 1 Gb/s 2x 1 Gb/s 4x 1 Gb/s 8x 1 Gb/s
Price: 49 Eur/month 79 Eur/month 149 Eur/month 249 Eur/month 349 Eur/month
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Server Collocation

Server collocation is the client servers installation on the our own data center site in Latvia and its connection to the Internet channel. You will not have a physical access to your servers, delegating the service maintenance to the company “FREEVDS”employees.

Сollocation means placement or installation. Renting a server, the client uses the resources of the company’s equipment, in whose proficiency the data center is located. The server hosting service implies customer’s own equipment transfer and connection. The only collocation drawback is the need to deliver the server, being in the client’s responsibility. In all other cases this method of data storage is perfect.


Server hosting advantages

This service is considered as the best way to ensure the smooth operation of large-scale web projects. Its main advantages include:

possibility to make changes in the configuration of equipment at any time convenient for you ;
for the goals achievement, any software can be used by the client;
the server hosting service price is available to the most Internet business owners.
Collocation is an excellent opportunity to save money in the work space organizing, that must have all network equipment’s operating conditions . Also, you will save on hiring qualified personnel for round-the-clock servers maintenance.


FREEVDS data center advantages

All our equipment is located in our own modern DC in Latvia, and built according to all European standards.  Round-the-clock servers operation is provided by: uninterrupted redundant power supply system, climate control system, monitoring and security service. These measure complex guarantees the stability of the web resources or customers servers.
The optimal humidity and temperature are maintained in the technical area of the DC.
The client has remote access to their equipment.
Redundant cooling and power supply systems are installed.
The equipment condition is protected and controlled by professional team.
All servers, installed on the “collocation” are connected to redundant high throughput ports.
We offer collocation, including not only the equipment placement, but also its full technical support, and the necessary network infrastructure provision. The keeping servers conditions in our data centers and the competent specialists availability guarantee the smooth devices operation.
For more information, please contact the technical support team with the contacts indicated on the web site.