e3-12xx (4 Core 8 Threads @ 3.4-3.6Ghz)
2x 240Gb SSD
2x 1Tb SATA
IP 1
Port 1Gb/s
99 EUR/month Please contact us before your order to check availability
2x e5-26xx (2x 6 Core 12 Threads @ 1.7-2.5Ghz)
4x 240 SSD
4x 1Tb SATA
IP 4
Port 2x1Gb/s
299 EUR/month Please contact us before your order to check availability

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server is a place where popular sites are stored. The client can use all the powerful server resources and install it so that the project can support a huge number of visitors.


Why to choose a dedicated server?

If your site (s) need significant resources, but your own server purchase is not profitable yet- go to a dedicated server. The company «FREEVDS» is ready to offer you a stable server in a reliable data center. Using this service, you will receive a separate physical machine.

Common hosting is like a communal apartment with several hundreds of customers hosted on the servers. You get your own personal server where only your data will be stored.

Renting a server, you get disk space, processor, memory and other resources. At the ROOT level, you can fully control the server, changing its settings independently, installing additional software. Thanks to full autonomy, your project will become more reliable and stable. Now you do not need to be afraid of the consequences of the wrong partners’ activities on the server (installing a curved script or sending spam).

Using this service you will get the server for rent and our specialists will take care of it in the data center. You have several advantages at once: there is no need to buy an expensive server, to search and hire technical personnel for its maintenance.


Dedicated server’s potential users

The service will be an optimal solution for private and corporate users,  for the websites with the lack of a standard hosting or a virtual server, and with a require to have more powerful equipment for their operation. In the case if the user does not want or does not have the financial ability to buy it. If the resource develops rapidly and constantly expands, the renting a certain configuration will be more profitable than its purchase.


Benefits of server renting before purchasing

Renting a server, you do not need even one-time investing high costs for a server acquiring , organizing a storage room, cooling system supporting, and a server setting up. It will also be necessary to carry out the  equipment permanent protection. Using the rental service, you can choose a tariff plan with the necessary amount of resources  you need, increasing or reducing them as needed. So you have the significant savings. According to statistics, the server costs are equal to three years of its rent, and in a few years the replacement required.
Access to your projects is open 24/7, as our company’s servers are constantly operating.
Data will never be lost, due to their daily backup to another hermozone.
You do not spend any additional expenses for electricity, allocation of premises for the server, cooling and security.
Rented server hardware will never become obsolete, you would have to buy it every 2-5 years only.
Our company offers you its own dedicated servers of various configurations located in the data center in Latvia. A large qualified employees staff and European quality equipment can quickly solve any technical problems and moments during the work.

Our managers are happy to help you to  find the best option for your web resource, and the technical support service will configure the server for all your requirements.